Drowning in Polk County

Polk Co. Sheriff's Office - 05/03/18 

Today at about 930am, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 8600 block of Perrydale Rd on a report of a possible drowning in the Ash Swale, part of the Marvin Fast Reservoir.  After arriving on scene, along with personnel from the Amity Fire District, it was decided to contact and request the assistance from the Newberg Fire Swift Water Rescue Team to help locate the body of the 27 year old man who was last seen water.
According to people who were nearby when the drowning occurred, they attempted to help the man after he was seen to be having difficulty swimming near the middle of the body of water.  But, before they could reach him, they lost sight of the man as he went under the water.
At about 1145 am, the Newberg Swift Water Rescue team located and recovered the body of the man from the water.  At this time the name of the man is not going to be released.
This case is still under investigation.