Sheriff's Deputies Investigating Threatening Letter at Eddyville Charter School

Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Office - 05/03/18 
(05.03.2018 - Lincoln County)
On May 3, 2018 at approximately 12:30pm, school officials at the Eddyville Charter School located in Eddyville, Oregon discovered a letter left anonymously in a classroom relating to threats of gun violence. School officials immediately placed the school into a Code Red lockdown for the safety of all students and staff.
Lincoln County Sheriff’s School Resource Deputy Barry Bruster was on scene for an unrelated matter at the time the letter was discovered and requested additional units respond to the scene. Deputies responded to the school and are being assisted by the Oregon State Police and Toledo Police Department.
A preliminary search of the school grounds was conducted by the responding units and Sheriff’s Office investigators are working an active investigation relating to the threatening letter.  School officials are working on a parent/student reunification process at this time and are being assisted by the Lincoln County School District. The Sheriff’s Office will provide further updates as they become available.