2nd Grade Scott Elementary Student Struck by Vehicle

Marion Co. Sheriff's Office - 06/05/18 

At approximately 4:00 pm today, Deputies responded to a report of a 9-year old girl who had been hit by a truck while crossing Hollywood Dr NE near Val Vista Ave NE.
The 2nd grade Scott Elementary School student got off the bus at her stop just south of Val Vista Ave NE and started to run alongside the bus as it was driving north on Hollywood Dr NE. As the bus passed her she immediately turned and ran into the roadway where she was struck by an oncoming white Dodge Pickup driven by 20-year old Salem resident Lisa DELA CRUZ.
The bus driver stopped and assisted the arriving deputies on scene. The 9-year old suffered what appeared to be non life threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to Salem Hospital for further evaluation. During the investigation deputies were told by DELA CRUZ the brakes were failing on the truck and needed to be replaced.
DELA CRUZ was issued a citation for driving outside her license restrictions and for unsafe vehicle operation.
As school draws to an end and summer begins todays crash is a reminder to always be aware of our surroundings and drive vigilant. Small children can be unpredictable, so please use caution while driving our Marion County roadways.