June 23, 2018

At approximately 6:44 AM this morning there was an officer involved shooting near the residence located at 475 Johnson Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon.
It appears at this time that the police were attempting to arrest an individual named Eric Sweet for Felony Attempting to Elude a Police Officer. It is my information that police attempted to stop Mr. Sweet on two occasions sometime between 6:00 AM and 6:44 AM this morning. Both pursuits were discounted for safety reasons.
Mr. Sweet apparently drove from the last pursuit to his home at 475 Johnson. Officers went to his home to see if that was where he had gone. The first officer at the residence found the vehicle parked several feet from the curb and with the driver’s door open. Other officers arrived at the residence which included officers from the Coos Bay Police Department, one Trooper from the Oregon State Police and one officer from the Confederated Tribal Police Department.
At some point Mr. Sweet exited the residence armed with a rifle. The officers ordered Mr. Sweet to drop his rifle. Mr. Sweet then pointed his rifle at one of the officers resulting in the one officer from Coos Bay Police, the Trooper from the Oregon State Police and the one officer from the Confederated Tribal Police to open fire. Mr. Sweet was wounded and died at the scene from his wounds.
At my direction, and pursuant to the Coos County Deadly Force Policy, I have directed that the Coos Bay Police Department, the Oregon State Police and the Confederated Tribal Police not be involved in the investigation of this matter. While North Bend Police were not involved in the actual shooting incident, because one of their officers was involved in trying to arrest Mr. Sweet earlier today I have recused the North Bend Police Department from this investigation.
To assist in the investigation I have asked for and have received help from the Douglas County Major Crime Team. I have also asked for assistance from the Eugene Police Department to assist in the forensic examination of the scene. The Coos County Sheriff’s Office will be the lead agency on this investigation.
I am not releasing the names of the officers at this time, but I will do so in the near future. All three officers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of this investigation.
In addition to the Douglas County Major Crimes Team and the Eugene Police Department, officers from the Coos County Sheriff’s Office, Bandon Police, Myrtle Point Police, the Coos County Medical Examiner’s Office and the District Attorneys Office have been assisting in this matter.
Anyone with information about this case is requested to contact the Coos County Sheriff’s Office.


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