Garner Complex Fire Update

Oregon State Fire Marshal - 07/22/18 

Last night crews continued to tighten and secure control lines. They continue to evaluate where to place containment lines around the Grave Creek and Taylor Creek fires.

The Grave fire continued to spread towards the Pleasant Creek Rd. The State Fire Marshall’s Team was in place working to triage and surface prep around houses to support the wildland firefighters.
Overnight the Taylor Fire continued to spread as crews work to tighten direct fire-lines when possible and work on contingency lines. The fire has spread on the south side onto Forest Service ground. Overnight the State Fire Marshall’s had three Task Forces in place working to assess and surface prep near homes.
The three Spencer Fires, King Mountain Fire, and Swamp Fire have been lined, plumbed and are in mop-up. The Pleasant Fire and Ditch Cr. Fire are still having control lines completed by hand and equipment.
Today there will be 30 aircraft working on the fires including three airtankers. The aircraft time follows strict federal aviation laws regarding the amount they can fly everyday .

Equipment either for firecamp such as tables and chairs or fireline equipment nec-essary for fighting fires on order from the Incident Management Team is in short supply due to all of the fires in the region. We continue to place orders with Red-mond Cache, who have to prioritize for all regional fires to fill orders.

DEFINITIONS: Control lines: A term used for all constructed or natural fire barriers used to control a fire. Containment: When firefighters or other resources stop the forward progress of a fire with secured control lines.
CURRENT EVACUATION ORDERS: Level 2 Limpy Cr. Rd, Level 1 for Riverbank Rd., Dutcher Creek Rd. and all secondary roads and streets from Limpy Cr to Pickett Cr. Pleasant Creek Rd: Levels 2 and 3. Grave Cr. Rd is Level 3 north of intersection with Ditch Cr. Rd. Pickett Rd and all cross roads are Level 2 and West Picket Rd. is Level 3. A Red Cross Shelter is set up at the Grants Pass High School at 830 NE 9th Street in Grants Pass. 541-474-5710.

Additional resources may be accessed at Oregon State Fire Marshal Facebook