Walmart Robbery Suspect Arrested

Medford Police Dept. - 07/19/18

On July 19th, 2018 at about 11:24 AM, The Medford Police Department responded to a 911 call from employees at the North Medford Walmart on Highway 62. The employees reported that a male had entered the store and stolen items from inside and then threatened employees with a handgun. The employees provided a description and a direction of travel as the male exited the store. Two plainclothes detectives were in the area of this call and were on scene immediately and located the suspect walking through the Walmart parking lot, still holding the handgun in his hand. Officers verbally addressed the male who refused to drop the handgun at first, but eventually placed it at his feet. The suspect then refused to step away from the gun and remained verbally uncooperative with officers as they attempted to persuade him to step away from the gun. Due to the heavy foot and vehicle traffic in the area, the officers on scene deployed a distraction device and simultaneously deployed a less lethal sponged-tipped munition designed to be a non-lethal, pain compliance munition. These had the desired effect and officers were able to close the distance with the suspect and keep him from his firearm. The suspect was taken into custody and medical personnel were called to the scene to attend to apparent minor injuries. The weapon was determined to be a very real looking pellet pistol. Medford Police Detectives assumed the investigation and the suspect was transported to the Medford Police Department where he was interviewed and then lodged at the Jackson County Jail. During this incident the Walmart parking lot as temporarily closed and traffic was diverted. The parking lot was opened a short time later.
The suspect has been identified as:
Brown, Aaron Michael, DOB/09-28-86 (Photo Attached)
Charges: Robbery in the Second Degree x 3, Total Bail $30,000
Aaron Brown