Man arrested for leaving dog in hot car

Junction City Police - 08/11/18 

On August 10th at approximately 12:49 pm a BI-MART employee reported to the Junction City Police Department that a dog had been left inside a hot car.  When officers arrived on scene they observed a dog locked inside the vehicle while parked in direct sunlight with all the windows up.  The dog appeared in distress and was panting and there was no visible water accessible to the dog.  While officers were attempting to gain entry into the vehicle the owner returned and let the dog out. 

The dog owner, Paul Kobliska, stated he had left the dog inside the car for approximately fifteen minutes.  Mr. Kobliska was booked into the Junction City Jail on the charge of Animal Neglect II.  He later bailed out.

Officers seized a three-year-old border collie named Djunga who will remain in police custody.

The Oregon Humane Society reports that when the temperature outside is 78 degrees, the temperature inside a car can reach 105 degrees in just twenty minutes.  The temperature at the time of the call was 84 degrees.
Please be a responsible pet owner and leave your pet at home on warmer days. 
If you see a pet locked in a hot car please contact the police immediately and stay by the vehicle until help arrives.  

Oregon Revised Statue 167.325 – Animal Neglect II states that a person violates that statute if the person intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence fails to provide minimum care for an animal in such person’s custody or control. 

ORS 30.813 allows a person to use no more force than necessary to enter a vehicle and remove a child or domestic animal who is left unattended and in imminent danger of suffering harm.