Sugar Pine/Miles Fire Evacuations Expanded - Update August 4

Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office - 08/04/18

Update - August 4, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.:
Following the recommendations of fire officials on the Miles/Sugar Pine fires, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office has added a new Level 2 "Be Set" evacuation zone to the south of the existing Level 3 "Go" zone on Elk Creek Road.  Two addresses are included in the new zone. Search and rescue personnel have already notified the affected residents in person. 
The western boundary of the Level 3 area on Elk Creek Road was also extended.  This change is visible on the map, however it does not affect any residences. 
Additionally, a Level 2 area was added along the north side of Lost Creek Lake, accessed by Takelma Drive.  This zone connects the Level 2 evacuation zone along Elk Creek Road with the existing Level 2 and 3 areas on the east side of the lake. This new evacuation zone does not include any residences.  

The evacuation zones for the Miles/Sugar Pine fire area now include the following areas:

Level 3 "Go": Elk Creek Road, 8800 and above; Sugar Pine Road, all addresses; Dodes Creek Road, all addresses; Ulrich Road, 829 and above; Shelly Lane, all addresses; 4000-block Lewis Road. 
Level 2 "Be Set": Elk Creek Road between West Branch Elk Creek Road and Alco Creek Road; West Branch Elk Creek Road, 200-block; Takelma Drive, along the north side of Lost Creek Lake; Lewis Road from Highway 62 to the 3000-block; Evergreen Drive and all intersecting roads; Highway 62 between Lewis Road and Prospect Access Road; Cascade Gorge Road, all addresses; Ulrich Road from Highway 62 to the 820-block; Mill Creek Drive between Highway 62 and Prospect Access Road; Snodgrass Lane, all addresses; Mather Road, all addresses; Skookum Lane, all addresses.
For more information on preparedness and to sign up for Citizen Alert, go to .
To check the status of a specific address, refer to the interactive fire map at .  This map is complete and includes all updates to evacuations.

For more information from fire officials, follow the Sugar Pine Fire Information on Facebook: .  You can also find information on the InciWeb page: .

The nearest Red Cross shelter currently in operation is at Grants Pass High School.  
Public fire information is available by phone at (541) 474-5305 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m
Sugar Pine Miles evac map Aug 4 - image