Quick Thinking Lebanon Teen Puts Out Kitchen Fire

Lebanon Fire District - 09/06/18 

At 12:03 pm Monday the Lebanon Fire District was dispatched for a fire alarm at a residence located at 39933 Mt Hope Drive. Upon arrival crews were met by the occupant who advised that they had a grease fire which they believed was out. The crew of Engine 31 advised the family that they would check it out for them to ensure there was no extension or hidden fire. A thorough scan with the thermal imaging camera revealed that the fire was indeed completely out.

According to the homeowner, there was a pan that was on the stove which had caught fire when the resident went outside and lost track of time. She was in the yard when she noticed smoke coming from the roof vent connected to the range hood. She ran back into the house to check on what was burning and found the pan burning on the stovetop. She attempted to put a lid on the pan (the correct first step!) but it was not big enough to cover the whole pan. Meanwhile, at the same time, her son Chase Paziani, 13, grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. If it was not for the quick action of Chase and his older brother Garren,16, the outcome could have been much worse.

There was no damage to the house due to the fact that Chase was so quick in getting the extinguisher and knew how to use it properly. In talking with the family after the event, it turns out that Chase has aspirations of becoming a firefighter some day! His Mom was extremely proud of his actions and they most certainly stopped the fire from causing any further damage. The Engine 31 crew praised Chase and Garren and invited them to the Lebanon Fire District at any time for a tour and a visit.

Fire officials would like to use this story to remind people of the importance of kitchen safety in the home. Never leave a stove unattended, and in the event of a grease fire NEVER use water to put the fire out! Water will spread the grease and enlarge the fire. Have a lid handy and cover the burning pan if possible. Finally, have a working fire extinguisher in your home and teach everyone how to use it! The Lebanon Fire District provides free fire extinguisher classes at their station on the third Wednesday of every month between 8am and 5pm. For more information contact the LFD Fire & Life Safety Division at 541-451-1901 or visit www.lebanonfire.com.