K9 Grimm takes accidental koi-pond bath while helping Wilsonville PD catch fleeing suspect

Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office - 11/07/18

Please reference CCSO Case # 18-030097

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office K9 Grimm took an accidental dip in a koi-pond while helping Wilsonville Police capture a suspect who fled a smoking Pontiac, ran past a crew pouring cement and tried to hide in a boat on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

The chase began shortly before noon on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, when a deputy contracted to Wilsonville PD pulled over a maroon Pontiac sedan on SW Rogue Lane. The Pontiac sported license plates belonging to another vehicle.

The deputy contacted the suspect driver, Vencine Timone Hadley, 45. During the exchange Hadley suddenly sped off. The chase was on.

Deputies pursued Hadley as the fugitive Pontiac sped eastward and then south onto SW Salmon Road.

The Pontiac hit a bump in the road as it approached the south end of SW Salmon Road. Authorities estimated the Pontiac's speed at about 50 mph in the residential zone.
The Pontiac then came to a skidding halt in a large plume of bluish smoke as it reached the intersection of SW Salmon Road and Metolius Loop. Suspect Hadley then exited the Pontiac, jumping a black metal four-foot fence to the south, toward the Willamette River.
Deputy McGlothin and his K9 Grimm then arrived at the scene to continue the pursuit.

A Sheriff's Office Marine Unit boat deployed to the scene to search the riverbank. Meanwhile, deputies followed the K9 and the suspect's intermittent footprints in the grass and bark landscaping. They tracked the suspect to a large house located in the 8500 block of SW Miami, roughly a block away.

Several cement workers were pouring cement in the driveway in front of an attached garage at the address. They told deputies they'd seen the suspect run into the backyard of the residence from the east side of the house. A wet footprint on the sidewalk on the east side of the house led to the backyard.

Deputies ran to the backyard  -- and noticed an unlocked pedestrian door on the back of the garage.

Inside the garage: a boat on a trailer. The boat cover was undone and loose from the back.
A deputy pulled the back the cover open just enough to see a pair of legs and gray sneakers laying on the floor.

Hadley ignored multiple commands to show his hands or acknowledge deputies -- even after they pulled the cover open to expose the suspect laying on the floor of the boat.
Deputy McGlothin finally sent in K9 Grimm, who applied a bite to Hadley's lower arm. The suspect was quickly taken into custody.

Medics evaluated Hadley, who was then transported by a deputy to Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center for treatment. Vencine Hadley was later booked into Clackamas County Jail on charges that include two counts of Attempt to Elude a Police Officer. Bail was set at $12,500. Complete booking information can be found here: https://web3.clackamas.us/roster/#inmates

As posted by McGlothin on K9 Grimm's Instagram feed ( https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp2vcgcDQ30/ ), "On a side note, Grimm ungracefully fell into a large koi pond during the fence-hopping search and needs a bath stat." Photos of Grimm just after the search are attached.

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The Sheriff’s Office is seeking additional information in this case. Anyone with information on Vencine Timone Hadley is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at https://web3.clackamas.us/contact/tip.jsp . Please reference CCSO Case # 18-030097.