Child Rapist Sentenced to 600 Months in Prison

Washington Co. District Attorney's Office

HILLSBORO, Ore.- On March 5, 2019, Washington County Judge Janelle Wipper sentenced Jose David Satey-Sanchez to 600 months in prison. Satey-Sanchez was convicted of 13 counts of sexual-abuse related crimes in February of 2019. Of the charges, eight were tried before Judge Wipper and five were tried before a jury. Deputy District Attorney Andy Pulver prosecuted the case.

Law enforcement first began investigating Satey-Sanchez in 2014 when a nine-year-old child made disclosures of abuse to her mother. Her mother didn’t believe the allegations and never reported them to police. However, a teacher overheard the victim talking about the crimes and alerted authorities immediately.

When the victim’s mother refused to make Satey-Sanchez leave the home, authorities were forced to place the girl in foster care.

In 2015 the girl recanted the allegations at the encouragement of her mother and was returned to her mother’s custody. Satey-Sanchez continued to have contact with the child despite orders barring him from doing so. He continued to sexually abuse the victim during this time.

In 2017 Satey-Sanchez subjected the child to rape for the first time. This abuse was immediately reported. Experts at CARES Northwest interviewed her and found her accusations credible. A rape kit was collected and subsequent analysis by the Oregon State Police Forensics Laboratory revealed the presence of Satey-Sanchez’s DNA.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office would like to acknowledge the work of our partners at the Hillsboro Police Department, the Oregon State Police Forensics Laboratory, and CARES Northwest for their assistance on this challenging case.

Satey-Sanchez will be turned over to the Oregon Department of Corrections to begin serving his sentence.