Junction City Children arrested for shooting 9mm pistol in residential neighborhood

Junction City Police

On Thursday May 30, 2019 at approximately 11:26 A.M. the Junction City Police Department received multiple calls from citizens reporting hearing multiple gunshots in the area of Bailey Park, located at the intersection of S.W. Bryant and S.W. Kalmia Streets in Junction City, Oregon.  Bailey Park is located in a densely-populated residential area and is only four or so blocks southeast of the Junction City High School.  In addition, the very east-most boundary of the park abuts the Guaranty RV Travel and Van Center which is populated with many workers and customers.

While enroute to the area, officers observed three male children walking rapidly northbound through an alley which runs north and south between 5th and 6th Streets and is situated between Juniper and Kalmia Streets.

Upon getting the children stopped at 6th Street, which is a mere three blocks from the Junction City High school Campus, one of the juveniles had a noticeable bulge in the front pocket of the hoodie sweatshirt they were wearing; the bulge perfectly matched the outline of a pistol.  As officers approached and asked about what was in the pocket, the child began to reach into the pocket and had to be told to stop.  At that point officers recovered a full-size, loaded, Hi-Point brand 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

Investigation revealed these three children, while standing at the southeast-most corner of Bailey Park had fired at least five (5) 9mm bullets directly eastward into the Guaranty property, and possibly southward toward the homes that were not more than 25-30 feet away from where they were standing.

All three children were found to have been drinking beer; two of the three were quite intoxicated, extremely belligerent, and uncooperative.  One of the three provided a false name to officers and stated they did not know what their mother’s name was.  Through further investigation officers determined two of the three children were responsible for firing all bullets and that the third was just a bystander, but did admit to having consumed alcohol and was also found to be in possession of a marijuana pipe with marijuana residue.

The two children that fired the weapon were charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Menacing, Unlawful Use of A Firearm, and Minor in Possession of Alcohol.  In addition, the child that provided a false name was also charged with Furnishing False Information to a Police Officer.  The third child was charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Marijuana.  All children were release to their respective parents.

Although the weapon was not entered into the computer system as stolen, police cannot determine how the child got possession of the firearm as the child continued to refuse to cooperate throughout the entire incident.

The police department wants to extend a sincere thanks to the alert citizens that heard the gunshots and immediately reported it to police.  It is important to note that due to their swift and decisive action to pick up their phones, these dangerous children were located, contained, and taken into custody within minutes of the call.  Their actions undoubtedly saved someone’s life.