Detectives Investigating Sexual Abuse Concerns at Catlin Gabel School

Washington Co. Sheriff's Office

In November 2018, detectives from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office were asked to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse involving a specific former faculty member at Catlin Gabel School. Detectives learned that the suspect had died earlier that year and concluded the investigation. At the time, investigators were not aware of allegations involving any other staff members.

After the employee’s death, comments on social media raised other concerns of sexual abuse perpetrated by former Catlin Gabel employees. Catlin Gabel retained an outside investigator, whose work resulted in the identification of 21 staff members alleged to have engaged in questionable conduct with children over the past 60 years. This report was released on December 11, 2019 and is available to the public at

Since the report was published, additional incidents have come to light. Detectives are actively investigating these leads.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office continues to work with Catlin Gabel administration during this ongoing criminal investigation.

Detectives are seeking the public’s help to identify all potential victims and suspects. Anyone with information is asked to please contact Detective Chuck Anderson at 503-846-2704.