PF&R Responds to a Fatal Apartment Fire

Portland Fire & Rescue - 04/24/18 

evening just before 9 PM Portland Firefighters were called to a duplex located on SE Bush St. just east of 122nd Ave. Arriving fire personnel noted heavy smoke and fire burning in the front half of the structure. Prior to crews arriving a neighbor tried to extinguish the fire with a garden hose while another was trying to get the occupant of the apartment out.

Firefighters located and carried the occupant from the house and began treating him, he was then transported to the hospital. Sadly, despite the best efforts of firefighters and the ambulance crew, he did not survive. The fire was extinguished within 10 minutes and an investigator is working to determine what caused the blaze.
While the neighbors who tried to help were truly valiant and should be commended for their efforts, PF&R asks that the public not enter structures that are burning. The smoke produced in a building fire is disorienting, debilitatating and can be deadly. When you add in the danger of becoming burned, trapped or having the structure collapse on top of you, the risk is just too high. Please wait for fire crews to arrive with the proper training and equipment. Help us to help you, if a structure is on fire get out, stay out and call 911, don't become another victim.