Male Captured After Running From Court

Beaverton Police Dept. - 05/30/18 

On May 30, 2018 at 10:53 a.m. 34-year-old Cory Hergenrader ran from Beaverton Municipal Court during a sentencing hearing. Mr. Hergenrader was taken into custody 11 minutes later by Beaverton Police officers.
Mr. Hergenrader was being sentenced by the Honorable Judge Ravelo in Beaverton Municipal Court regarding a Driving While Suspended-Misdemeanor criminal charge. Mr. Hergenrader was not in custody prior to the hearing. Mr. Hergenrader was originally being sentenced to 90 days in jail with credit for time served.
During sentencing, Mr. Hergenrader ran from the courtroom, to avoid going to jail. Multiple Beaverton Police officers responded to help locate Mr. Hergenrader. Mr. Hergenrader ran through the Fred Meyer store and then into the Subaru car dealership near SW Canyon Rd/SW 115th. Beaverton Police officers took Mr. Hergenrader into custody and transported him back to Beaverton Municipal Court.
Mr. Hergenrader disrupted and disrespected the court and was sentenced to 230 days in jail with credit for time served. Mr. Hergenrader was also charged with Interfering with a Police Officer. Mr. Hergenrader was taken to Washington County Jail.