Multi-Agency Training Exercises - Windmill Inn - 1450 NW Mulholland Drive

Roseburg Fire Department - 05/04/18 
The City of Roseburg Fire Department, in conjunction with Douglas County Fire District #2, Winston-Dillard Fire District #5, as well as other state and local fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies will be actively engaging in large-scale training exercises at the Windmill Inn during the months of May and June.  The Hampton Inn, adjacent to the property, has replaced the former hotel.
With cooperation from the Hanna Limited Partnership, the agencies will use the 63,000 square foot structure located at 1450 NW Mulholland Drive to complete joint training.  The training objectives will include Search and Rescue, Firefighter Safety and Survival, Ventilation, Forcible Entry, and Command and Control for multi-unit incident response.  This training opportunity allows state and local agencies the ability to not only train together, but also to improve the effectiveness of interoperability between multiple agencies.  As always, safety will be the number one priority for personnel participating in the training.
Public Information Officers will be available to provide the media with information regarding the upcoming training exercises and to express gratitude to the Hanna family for their commitment to public safety training.  Public Information Officers will be available at the training site, located at 1450 NW Mulholland Drive on May 8, 2018, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.  If media is unable to attend during the allotted time, please contact Staff Assistant Amy Rice at 541.492.6727 or"> to schedule an appointment with a Public Information Officer.