The Oregon State Police and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office are seeking #PublicAssitance

Oregon State Police
May 23, 2018

“Hope is Why We’re Here”
Namus # UP17795
Unidentified Deceased
Found March 30, 2018
Investigative Agency: Douglas County Sheriff's Office
The Oregon State Police and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office are seeking #PublicAssitance with information as to who this unidentified deceased male could be.
One March 30, 2018 at around 4:00 p.m., hikers reported finding human skeletal remains in a secluded wooded area in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.
After examining the remains, it was determined this was a male individual, probably of European/white ancestry, between 35-60 years old when he died, and between 66” and 73” tall.
This individual has most probably been in this location for several months, and has some distinctive clothing and personal property that may help identify him. This person was wearing:
• A blue short-sleeved T-shirt with a shield logo and the wording “Departed” or “Deported” and the “The Dark Days” or “The Dart Days”
• Black and red nylon athletic shorts, “Legea” brand
• Black “Hanes” brand jockey style men’s underwear
• Black and red “Saucony” brand low top style running/trail shoes with the logo “Grid Ramble” embroidered near the Saucony logo.
Personal property around the remains included:
• Two red and black athletic-style gloves marked “TG” (“True Grip” brand)
• A Dasani water bottle, Expiration date: March 2017
• A blue and black “Jansport” brand back pack
• A light blue wash cloth
• A blue cigarette lighter
• An empty pack of camel cigarettes
• A black plastic-handled folding knife
“Legea” brand shorts are marketed mainly for soccer; “True Grip/TG” brand athletic gloves can be used for working out, cycling, lifting weights, general utility, etc.
Dental x-rays and coding have been completed and uploaded into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons system under the Unidentified Persons (UP) profile #17795. In addition, a biological sample from the remains has been submitted for DNA analysis and will be uploaded into the national system when completed.
Please look at the photographs provided, review the case, and call the Douglas County Sheriff's Office tip line at 541-440-4453 to report any information you may have on this individual. The Oregon State Police and Douglas County law enforcement are extremely interested in hearing from anyone who may know the identity of this man.

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