State Data Center experiencing network issues

State of Oregon - 06/10/18 
The State Data Center today confirmed that the hardware issue that caused connectivity issues with state data systems yesterday has been corrected. However, state systems are experiencing residual effects, which require a full reboot of all agency servers. The SDC has asked agencies to reboot their servers and thoroughly test their respective connectivity today to ensure business operations will not be impacted tomorrow. 
SDC expects that the majority - if not all - of state data systems will be fully operational by the end of day Monday. webpages are now working properly.
A hardware failure at the Oregon State Data Center (SDC) today prevented agencies and the public from accessing state data systems, including websites and state phones. Officials at the SDC identified network issues this morning, and have been working throughout the day to restore access to state data systems. There is no indication of an outside cyber attack or breach; the network issues are due to a hardware failure.

State officials resolved the hardware issue this afternoon, and systems are progressively coming back on line. However, agency staff and the public may continue to experience connectivity issues throughout the day, as the state works to fully recover from today’s incident. The Department of Administrative Services appreciates the public’s patience as it works to fully resolve these issues.

DAS will issue an update once systems have fully been restored.
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