Vehicle vs Pedestrian Crash on S Hwy 97 in Redmond

Redmond Police Dept. - 01/10/19

Redmond, OR – Redmond Police and Fire & Rescue personnel responded to a vehicle versus pedestrian crash at approximately 5:30 PM, January 9, 2019.  The crash occurred in the 2400 block of S Hwy 97, near Lucky 7 Deli & Lottery and Madeline’s Restaurant.

The investigation is ongoing.  At this time, preliminary information indicates a male adult, Mr. Randall Sullenger, 49-years-old, from the Redmond area, was attempting to cross S Hwy 97 from east to west and stepped out in front of oncoming traffic.  A vehicle in the right lane of northbound traffic was able to stop for the pedestrian, while a vehicle in the left lane of northbound traffic did not see the pedestrian and struck him.  The vehicle involved, a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, was traveling with the flow of traffic, 40 to 45 miles per hour. 

Mr. Sullenger sustained serious injuries and was ultimately transported by ground ambulance to St Charles Medical Center-Bend.  Life Flight was activated but ultimately did not respond to the scene after being canceled by medics at the scene.  Mr. Sullenger is still at SCMC-Bend receiving treatment.  Additional details about the extent of the injuries are unknown at this time.

The driver of the Jeep has been identified as Ms. Morgan King-Stevens, 24-years-old and a Terrebonne resident.  Ms. King-Stevens was not injured in the crash, and the vehicle sustained minor damage.  Alcohol or drug impairment is not considered to be contributing factors in the crash, and there is no evidence distracted driving played a role.

The area where Mr. Sullenger was attempting to cross the highway is a five-lane roadway, two lanes northbound, two lanes southbound, with a center turn lane.  The posted speed limit is 40 miles per hour.  This section of highway is not well illuminated, and there is no marked crosswalk at the location.  Mr. Sullenger was wearing dark colored clothing, and it was dark with moderate to heavy traffic at the time of the crash.

Of note, medical personnel at the scene told investigators Mr. Sullenger survived the crash as a direct result of two nurses who happened to be in the area and stopped to render aid.  The nurses performed CPR on Mr. Sullenger until relieved by on-duty first responders.

In Oregon, pedestrians have the right-of-way at marked or unmarked crosswalks.  Pedestrians must yield to vehicles when attempting to cross a roadway, not in a crosswalk (ORS 814.040(1)(b), 2018).  The Redmond Police Department would, again, like to remind pedestrians and bicyclists to wear light colored or reflective clothing.  Pedestrians must yield to vehicles when not in a crosswalk, and not assume drivers see them.  Additionally, drivers must always be paying attention and expect the unexpected.  Please slow down, allow for extra following distance during darkness and poor weather-related driving conditions.

The Redmond Police Department does not anticipate any further media releases on this incident.
Crash scene