Man Arrested After Menacing Head Start Bus Driver

Redmond Police Dept.

Redmond, OR - On Monday, March 4, 2019, at approximately 12:41 PM, a school bus driver for the Head Start program at Neighbor Impact called Deschutes County 911 to report a person had intentionally blocked in his school bus with a vehicle near NW Elm Ave and NW 27th Street.   The driver reported the person was knocking on the door of the bus and was trying to get inside.  The driver locked the door to the bus and the person was not able to enter (there were several five-year-old students on the bus at the time).  As the person walked away from the bus, he reportedly made a "finger gun" with his hand and motioned as if he was shooting the driver.  

Officers from the Redmond Police Department responded to the area and were able to locate the suspect vehicle and the suspect, nearby in the 200 block of NW Antler Loop.  The suspect was identified as Mr. William Glass Jr., 32-years-old and a Redmond resident.   

Based on the information developed by Officers, Mr. Gass was arrested for Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree and Menacing.   Mr. Gass was lodged into the Deschutes County Adult  Jail in Bend. 

There were no injuries reported to law enforcement as a result of this incident.

The investigation into this incident determined it was a result of a traffic-related dispute.  It is believed the hazardous road conditions, still being experienced by drivers in Central Oregon precipitated this dispute.  The Redmond Police Department encourages drivers not to become overly angry at other drivers, and allow for extra time to get to your destination.  Courtesy and understanding do go a long way when we are all at the mercy of snow and ice-covered roadways.