Male at Grocery Outlet Attempts to get into Vehicle with Children Inside-Redmond, OR

Redmond Police Dept.

On October 6, 2019, at approximately 5:35 pm, officers with the Redmond Police Department responded to an altercation at Grocery Outlet in Redmond, Oregon.  A father with two children, had started his vehicle and seat belted his 4-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter in the rear seat. 

While standing at the driver’s side of his vehicle he noticed a suspicious male, later identified as Redmond, Oregon, transient 34-year-old Jeremy Dubisar, near his vehicle watching what he was doing.  He asked the suspicious male if he needed something and he responded that he did not. 

The alert father locked his vehicle and walked to the rear passenger door of his vehicle to check on his 3-year-old daughter.  While attempting to check on his daughter, Mr. Dubisar attempted to open the driver’s door of the vehicle.  By first locking the vehicle the father’s actions prevented Mr. Dubisar from entering and stealing his vehicle with his children inside.  After being confronted by the father Mr. Dubisar subsequently walked away.   

A Grocery Outlet employee reported this incident to the Redmond Police Department.  Redmond Police Department officers arrived on the scene and contacted Mr. Dubisar, who is on Post-Prison Supervision for Kidnapping and appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance, in the southeast parking lot of Grocery Outlet.  A police officer began talking to Mr. Dubisar and then attempted to pat him down for weapons.  During this sequence Mr. Dubisar turned away from the police officer and reached towards his waistband.   Mr. Dubisar actively resisted officer’s as they were attempting to control him.  As a safety measure, to prevent him from further hurting himself or others Mr. Dubisar was placed in the WRAP restraint device.

Mr. Dubisar was then transported to the Deschutes County Jail where he was lodged and charged with the following crimes: Parole Violation, Attempted Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Attempted Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct II x 2, Attempted Kidnap 2 x 2, and Assault on a Peace Officer x 2.

The Redmond Police Department is asking for anybody who witnessed this incident and/or recorded it to please contact us through 911 dispatch at 541-693-6911.  We would also like to remind our community members that parents should always be observant and aware of their surroundings; especially in the presence of their children.  As your observation skills and actions are instrumental in protecting one of our most precious assets, our children, such as what happened in this case. 

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