Mildred Grace Sweaney Found Safe

Junction City Police 
Mildred Grace Sweaney, the youth that was reported missing on December 7th has been located and is safe.  Junction City Police Department investigators located a number of leads pointing to an acquaintance in the state of Idaho.  The FBI and Boise Police detectives located Mildred when they responded to the residence of the acquaintance.  There is no evidence that Mildred was taken or being held against her will.  However, this is an active an ongoing investigation and further details will be released when possible.  Anyone having any information (new or old) on or about Mildred is still requested to immediately contact the Junction City Police Department, at 541-998-1245, for the purpose of completing this investigation.  The Junction City Police Department wants to thank the community for their concern and efforts in helping locate Mildred.