Zelda Sudhoff and her Grandparents Found and are Home Safe

 Lane County Sheriff's Office

After two nights in the forest 4 year old Zelda is reunited with her mom!  Zelda and her grandparents (reported missing on 12/22 after not returning from a trip into the forest to find a Christmas tree) were located late this morning when a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter spotted them and directed ground teams to their location. 

After getting the family into a warm place with some food and water, we learned that their car got stuck in an area with downed trees and snow.  Thankfully they had a blanket, some water, a tarp, and snacks in the car, and were all wearing warm clothing.  

A huge thank you to all of the Search and Rescue volunteers who assisted with the search, to the U.S. Coast Guard for their assistance, and to the community who kept their eyes out for the family and called in tips!  

Image 1:  Zelda and mom get a great big hug as they are reunited.

Image 2:  Several of the Search and Rescue volunteers who assisted in the search pose at Fisherman's Point in the Fall Creek area.