Silverton Fire District

The Silverton Fire District responded to the 3000 block of Crooked Finger Road outside of Scotts Mills on a report of an elderly female who had fallen through the wood top of an old well. Responders arrived and found the person conscious, injured and very hypothermic after she fell about 50-60 feet from through the covering of an old stone lined well. She was laying on a small outcropping partially submerged in water. As fire responders arrived, a neighbor used the property owner’s rope and pulley, went down into the well to keep her upright and to keep her from being submerged in the well water.


Salem Fire Department’s rope rescue team was called to the scene. Salem Fire was able to lower a rescuer down into the well, stabilize the patient and hoist her to the top of the well opening. She was transported to the hospital in serious condition. The neighbor who went to her assistance was also hoisted to the top of the well.


The Silverton Fire District was assisted by: Mt. Angel Fire District, Salem Fire Department, Woodburn Ambulance and Marion County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. Sadly, that probably isn't the only well site inadequately secured
    or forgotten in Oregon. Hope she recovers and very sad imagining her pain. We elderly do not bounce well


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