Roseburg Fire Dept.

The City of Roseburg Fire Department is excited to welcome two, brand new, state of the art Haz Mat vehicles into the department fleet.  Both vehicles, which are owned by the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) were provided as part of an agreement and partnership that OSFM has with the City of Roseburg Fire Department.  Within the partnership, OSFM provides training, equipment, and emergency response vehicles for hazardous material incident response.  In exchange, the City of Roseburg Fire Department provides personnel for incident response and maintenance of equipment as part of the OSFM Regional Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team #1.  The OSFM also has agreements and partnerships with twelve other Regional Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Teams.

Of the two new vehicles, one vehicle is a custom built 2021 Pierce Enforcer rescue response vehicle.  The design of this vehicle was a team effort with input from several of the Regional Hazardous Materials Response teams including Roseburg’s Team #1.  In addition, representatives from Hughes Fire Equipment, Inc. assisted with the design process.  The vehicle was built by Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Pierce Enforcer provides additional seating, increased storage, an onboard generator and weather station, wireless and satellite communications, and the ability to be utilized for incident command.  This vehicle is a third generation of response vehicles that OSFM has provided to teams throughout the State of Oregon since inception of the OSFM Haz Mat teams in 1989.

The second vehicle received into the City of Roseburg Fire Department fleet is a 2021 Ford F-550 with custom chassis built for use as a quick response vehicle.  This vehicle was built in Sarasota, Florida with the custom chassis designed and outfitted by Pierce Manufacturing.  Both vehicles were inspected by Roseburg Battalion Chief Drew Fairbairn to ensure specifications met the purchase request and to verify the function of all required options before the vehicles were transferred to the State of Oregon and eventually to the City of Roseburg Fire Department.

The State of Oregon Petroleum Load fee provides funding for these vehicles.  This fee, implemented in 1989 provides funding for hazardous materials incident response across the State of Oregon.  The new response vehicles, personnel, and equipment will continue to be utilized for incident response within Douglas County for hazardous materials incidents, ranging from fuel spills to chemical releases.  Both of the new response vehicles will be housed at the Roseburg Public Safety Center.  The City of Roseburg Fire Department is grateful for the new vehicles, partnership, and opportunity to work with OSFM as part of the State of Oregon Regional Hazardous Materials Response teams.