Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team (DINT)

Over the course of the past week, the Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team (DINT) has addressed several illegal marijuana sites in Douglas County.  In total, DINT has eradicated illegal marijuana from 5 sites, and made several arrests.


DINT eradicated two sites on Raleigh Drive, outside of Winston.  In the 600 block of Raleigh Drive, DINT located a property that had 18 greenhouses containing illegal marijuana plants.  DINT eradicated 3,832 marijuana plants from the property, and seized several other items of evidence of criminal activity.  In this case, DINT arrested 25 year old Jesus Manuel Martinez-Munguia, and 42 year old Ezequiel Martinez-Garcia, both lodged at the Douglas County Jail.


In the 500 block of Raleigh Drive, DINT detectives located another illegal marijuana grow operation consisting of approximately 1,330 marijuana plants.  In this case, detectives arrested the property owner, 43 year old Jackie Willis, who was lodged at the Douglas County Jail.  


Detectives located another illegal marijuana growing operation in the 1600 block of Weaver Road, Myrtle Creek.  In this case detectives eradicated 757 marijuana plants, and approximately 311 pounds of processed marijuana.  Detectives discovered the suspects had been diverting large amounts of water from the adjacent BLM land.  They discovered an area on the BLM land where a creek had been impounded to collect water, and that water was run through pipes a great distance to the marijuana growing operation. Detectives also seized a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle from the residence.  A check of the serial number revealed the rifle had been reported stolen out of San Joaquin County, California.  35 year old Arturo Perez-Aguilar was arrested and lodged at the Douglas County Jail.  


Detectives eradicated approximately 1,765 plants from a location in the 1200 block of N. Old Pacific Hwy in Myrtle Creek.  Again, all of these plants were illegal marijuana.  

At a residence in the 700 block of Buckhorn Road, Roseburg, detectives located and eradicated 1,103 illegal marijuana plants.


In many of these cases, the investigations are continuing and more arrests are anticipated.


Southern Oregon has been inundated with large scale illegal marijuana grows during the last couple of years, including Douglas County.  The scale of these operations is unlike anything we have ever seen before and they are destructive to our communities.  These operations are most often run and controlled by multinational criminal organizations with only profit in mind.  They pay no regard to our local resources, rules, laws, or ethics.  They often do vast amounts of damage to our natural resources, and damage our streams and rivers by dumping garbage, toxic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides), and human feces.  Water diversion is another concern as they often illegally take water from wells and rivers.  It is common to see them illegally damming small streams to impound water for their own use.   Douglas County is committed to pushing back against these illegal activities and restoring our long held standards.