Missing child alert -- Chloe Brinegar is missing and is believed to be in danger

Oregon Department of Human Services

(Salem) – The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS), Child Welfare Division, asks the public to help find Chloe Brinegar, aged 15, who uses she/they pronouns, and is a child in foster care who went missing from Cottage Grove, Oregon on Aug. 9. Chloe is believed to be in danger.

ODHS asks the public for help in the effort to find Chloe and to contact 911 or local law enforcement if they believe they see them.

Chloe likes to spend time in the central Oregon communities of Bend, Sunriver, Deschutes River Woods, La Pine, Klamath Falls and Christmas Valley. 

Name: Chloe Brinegar
Pronouns: She/they
Date of birth: Oct. 11, 2006
Height: 5-foot-1
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Other identifying information: Chloe wears their hair cut short but often wears colored extensions. They have a hoop nose piercing and a tattoo of an eye on their wrist. 
Lane County Sheriff’s Office case #2204458
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children #1457931

Sometimes when a child is missing they may be in significant danger and ODHS may need to locate them to assess and support their safety. As ODHS works to do everything it can to find these missing children and assess their safety, media alerts will be issued in some circumstances when it is determined necessary. Sometimes, in these situations, a child may go missing repeatedly, resulting in more than one media alert for the same child.

Report child abuse to the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline by calling 1-855-503-SAFE (7233).  This toll-free number allows you to report abuse of any child or adult to the Oregon Department of Human Services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.