Redmond Police Seek Whereabouts of Michael Tallman (Bremont)

Redmond Police Dept. - 10/18/18 

Redmond, OR – The Redmond Police Department is turning to the public for help in locating Michael Tallman, formerly known as Michael Bremont.  Tallman has also used the name “Jacob Straib.”  A trial was set to begin on Tuesday, October 23, on ten counts of Sex Abuse in the Second Degree.  Tallman was indicted on these crimes earlier this year and released from custody with the condition he wears a GPS ankle bracelet, pending the trial date.  The GPS ankle bracelet has been recovered and Tallman's whereabouts are unknown.  A warrant has been issued for his arrest.  It is believed Tallman has or is about to flee the state.

Tallman is the former director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy in Redmond, Oregon, and used the name Michael Bremont at the time.  In 2011, Tallman was arrested and ultimately convicted of several sex crimes involving two underage students.  Tallman was sentenced to prison and was released at the end of the prison term.  These new charges stem from a new victim bravely coming forward to report what happened to her, several years ago.  The Redmond Police Department is passionate about seeking justice for juvenile sex crimes victims, and will not stop looking for Tallman until he is in custody.

Redmond Police Detectives are actively seeking Tallman’s whereabouts using resources available to local law enforcement.  We are hopeful anyone with information about Tallman’s whereabouts will contact us by calling the Deschutes County 911 Dispatch non-emergency line at 541-693-6911, or their local law enforcement agency.

Tallman 2017

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