Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Arrest

Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office - 10/27/18 

Ore. - A deputy conducting patrols in Winchester shortly after 1:00 AM Friday located a stolen red 1998 Honda Civic on Pioneer Way. The vehicle was previously reported stolen to the Sutherlin Police Department.

The deputy initiated a traffic stop on the stolen car at the Sunset Tavern and detained the driver, 37 year-old Michael R Love-Faust of Roseburg. 

Two passengers, 22 year-old Sarah Nadine-Elisabeth Johnsen of Roseburg and 45 year-old Melissa Orth-Hagen of Sutherlin were also detained. A search of Johnsen's purse revealed approximately 2.8 ounces of methamphetamine. 

Orth-Hagen was eventually released from the scene. Love-Faust and Johnsen were transported to the Douglas County Jail on their respective charges.


 Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

 Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine
The Sheriff's Office was assisted by the Roseburg Police Department.


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