Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office
October 31st, 2018 

DIAMOND LAKE, Ore. -- On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, at 8:52 AM, Douglas County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue (SAR) was notified by Klamath County regarding a SPOT Personal Tracker device sending an SOS distress signal. Klamath County had been trying to locate the hiker since Monday evening within their county. New information obtained from the distress signal indicated the hiker was on the Pacific Crest Trail near Tipso Peak located within Douglas County. The parents of the distressed hiker also contacted law enforcement. It was determined that the lost person was 36 year-old Anat Taher Leb, a citizen of Israel.

Douglas County SAR formed a team of 4 ground hikers, 2 horse riders with 3 horses from Oregon State Police and a plane from the Civil Air Patrol. Klamath County continued to assist Douglas County by providing updated GPS locations for the SPOT personal tracker.

Civil Air Patrol flew a fixed wing air craft with a loud speaker broadcasting a message for the hiker to stay put and that rescuers were on the way. 
After about 4 hours of searching, the woman was located. She was cold, tired and hungry but otherwise in good condition.

Searchers assisted the woman ride out to safety on the 3rd horse. The SPOT Personal Tracker was able to successfully summon help for the hiker who was not prepared for the elements.
Agencies involved in the successful search and rescue mission included:
  • Douglas County Sheriff’s Office SAR
  • Klamath County Sheriff’s Office SAR
  • Oregon State Police
  • State SAR Coordinator with the Oregon Department of Emergency Management
  • Civil Air Patrol