14 year old arrested for stealing vehicle, firearm

Roseburg Police Dept.

On May 28th, 2019 just after 7:00 PM the Roseburg Police Department responded to the report of a vehicle being stolen from the 900 block of SE Pine Street in Roseburg.  The owner of the vehicle also reported a .357 revolver was inside the vehicle when it was stolen.  There were no suspect leads at the time the report was taken.

On May 29th, 2019 at approximately 0900 hours, Roseburg Police Officers began to receive information regarding a 14 year old male observed with a firearm.  It was further reported this 14 year old male had earlier in the morning brandished the firearm where a group of fellow middle school students were waiting near a bus stop.  After the male displayed the gun, the other students ran from the area and the male allegedly fired one round into the ground.  No injuries or property damage were believed to have occurred during this incident.

The 14 year old male was identified, and was later taken into custody without incident while he was at school.  During the continued investigation the firearm was located, in the same area near the school bus stop, where it is suspected the male had hidden it.  There is no evidence to believe the firearm was ever taken to a school.  The firearm was also confirmed as being the one inside the stolen vehicle from the previous evening.  The stolen vehicle was recovered in the 1700 block of SE Mill Street in Roseburg.  The second 14 year old male suspected of stealing the vehicle, was also taken into custody while at school.  There is no evidence to suggest he was involved in the incident from the bus stop.

The firearm has been recovered and is in police custody.  Both 14 year old males were lodged at the Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center.  The parents of all the involved juveniles have been notified.  The investigation is ongoing, and if there is any additional information to be released, it will be sent out via this format.