Illegal Hunting near Roseburg

Oregon State Police 

On November 24, 2019, Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Troopers in the Roseburg Office received information regarding illegal hunting in the Drew area off Tiller Trail Highway.

The investigation revealed Paul Morford, 47, from Coos Bay, Alvis Neal JR, 49, from Roseburg, Alvis Neal SR, 72, from Coos Bay and Kenneth Brown, 23, from Coos bay were hunting in the Dixion Unit.

Their bow deer tags were valid in the Evans Creek unit just south of the Dixon unit. One buck was shot on November 23, 2019 after dark with a .22 caliber magnum rifle while it was being spotlighted.  Another 3-point deer was shot by bow in the Dixon Unit about 3 days prior.  The 3-point buck had already been transported to Coos Bay.

As a result of the investigation, two compound bows, a .22 caliber magnum rifle, a spotlight and a buck deer were seized.  The second buck deer was seized by the Coos Bay Office of the Oregon State Police.  Winston Police Department also assisted in the investigation.  The following people were issued citations and released.

Paul Morford – 47 – Coos Bay – Hunting / Take Buck Deer Closed Area x2, Hunting Prohibited Method, Hunting Prohibited Hours

Alvis Neal Jr – 49 – Roseburg -  Hunting Buck Deer Closed Area, Aiding in a Game Violation

Alvis Neal Sr. – 72 – Coos Bay – Aiding in a Game Violation x2

Kenneth Brown – 23 – Coos Bay – Aiding in a Game Violation x2

Report Wildlife and Habitat Law Violators

The TIP program offers preference point rewards for information leading to an arrest or issuance of a citation for the unlawful take/possession or waste of big game mammals.

Preference Point Rewards:
5 Points-Bighorn Sheep
5 Points-Rocky Mountain Goat
5 Points-Moose
5 Points-Wolf
4 Points-Elk
4 Points-Deer
4 Points-Antelope
4 Points-Bear
4 Points-Cougar

Or the Oregon Hunters Association TIP reward fund also offers cash rewards for information leading to an arrest or issuance of a citation for the unlawful take/possession or waste of Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Goat, Moose, Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bear, Cougar, Wolf, Upland Birds, Waterfowl, Furbearers, Game Fish and Shellfish.  Cash rewards can also be awarded for turning in people who destroy habitat, illegally obtain licenses/tags and for the unlawful lending/borrowing of big game tags.

$1,000 Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Goat and Moose
$500 Elk, Deer and Antelope
$300 Bear, Cougar and Wolf
$300 Habitat Destruction
$200 Illegally Obtaining License/Tag(s)
$200 Unlawful Lend/Borrow Big Game Tags(s)
$100 Upland Birds and Waterfowl
$100 Furbearers
$100 Game Fish and Shellfish 

How to Report a Wildlife and/or Habitat Law Violation or Suspicious Activity:
TIP Hotline: 1-800-452-7888 or OSP(677)

TIP E-Mail: (Monitored M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM)