Ore. Dept. of Public Safety Standards and Training

You may be aware that the 2020 Fallen Law Enforcement Officer Memorial at DPSST has been closed to the public this year in order to practice social distancing guidelines, due to the current COVID-19 health crisis.   

This year’s memorial will be a shortened version of the traditional ceremony, complete with honor guard, bagpiper, bugler and roll call.  The ceremony will take place at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5th, 2020.

DPSST plans to video record the ceremony and post it soon afterwards so that family members, co-workers and friends of the fallen know that those who made the ultimate sacrifice are not forgotten. We will share the link as soon as the video is posted.

The State's memorial honors more than 180 fallen Oregon law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty since the 1880s. This includes officers from city, county, state, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies who have served as law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and parole and probation officers.

The Oregon Fallen Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial Ceremony is a significant event that the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) is proud to host each year in partnership with the Oregon Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, Oregon Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation, and Oregon's various statewide law enforcement associations.

Oregon’s Fallen –

Jailor Glenn Allen - Josephine Co. Sheriff’s Office 1971

Reserve Dep. Sheriff Chester Alquist - Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office 1968

Posse Member James R. Applegate - Benton Co. Sheriff’s Office 1975

Deputy Sheriff Paul E. Baker - Yamhill Co. Sheriff’s Office 1982

Deputy Sheriff Charles H. Basye - Jackson County Sheriff’s Office 1917

Trooper Ralph D. Bates - Oregon State Police 1962

Private Burrell M. Baucom - Oregon State Police 1933

Lt. Harold R. Berg - Oregon State Police 1975

Sgt. Albert W. Bowe - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1945

Deputy Sheriff William D. Bowman - Clackamas Co. Sheriff’s Office 2000

Deputy Sheriff Marvin R. Brewster - Josephine Co. Sheriff’s Office 1972

Marshall Ernest M. Brown - Troutdale Police Department 1911

Sheriff Harvey K. Brown - Baker Co. Sheriff’s Office 1907

Radio Technician Earl A. - Burtch Oregon State Police 1948

Cpl. Gary L. Byassee - LaGrande Police Department 1982

Trooper George R.Cameron - Oregon State Police 1955

Sgt. Theodore R. Chambers - Oregon State Police 1945

Deputy Sheriff Michael L. Cheney - Union Co. Sheriff’s Office 1980

Sgt. Gerald G. Chirrick - Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office 1985

Sgt. John P.Christensen - Pendleton Police Department 1976

Trooper Bret R. Clodfelter - Oregon State Police 1992

Reserve Sgt. Scott E. Collins - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1993

Trooper Dale B.Courtney - Oregon State Police 1950

Officer David W. Crowther - Portland Police Bureau 1979

Officer Dennis A. Darden - Portland Police Bureau 1974

Deputy Gil C. Datan - Coos County Sheriff’s Office 2015

Officer Roger L. Davies - Portland Police Bureau 1961

Patrolman Donald E. DeSues - Roseburg Police Department 1959

Superintendent Ed Diedrich - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1924

Deputy Sheriff Roy H. Dirks - Lane Co. Sheriff’s Office 1975

Officer Robert E. Drake - Portland Police Bureau 1930

Chief of Police Clyde Dubell - Oakridge Police Department 1950

Officer Oscar L. Duley - Eugene Police Department 1930

Chief Daniel Duncan - Lake Oswego Police Department 2010

Sheriff William J. Dunlap - Linn Co. Sheriff’s Office 1923

Deputy Sheriff James W. Dunn II - Benton Co. Sheriff’s Office 1904

Retired Sheriff Almond L. Eastman - Clatsop Co. Sheriff’s Office 2004

Patrolman Thomas M. Eckhart - Salem Police Department 1909

Reserve Officer Gerald H. Erickson - Hillsboro Police Department 1980

Officer Alfred C. Evans - Nyssa Police Department 1957

Deputy Sheriff Thomas R. Farrell - Tillamook Co. Sheriff’s Office 1987

Correctional Officer Frank B. Ferrell - Oregon Department of Corrections 1902

Officer Robert R. Ferron Jr. - Portland Police Bureau 1964

Deputy Sheriff Robert E. Forrester - Wasco Co. Sheriff’s Office 1961

Deputy Sheriff David E. Foster - Curry Co. Sheriff’s Office 1984

Corrections Officer Michael J. Franke - Oregon Department of Corrections 1989

Deputy Sheriff Kelly J. Fredinburg - Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office 2007

Chief of Police Raymond Garcia - Vernonia Police Department 1971

Correctional Lt. Robert C. Geer - Oregon Department of Corrections 1972

Town Marshall Ralph Gibons - The Dalles Police Department 1919

Officer James C. Gill - Portland Police Bureau 1915

Sgt. Jason Goodding - Seaside Police Department 2016

Sheriff William A. Goodman - Harney Co. Sheriff’s Office 1924

Constable Rupert L. Haines - Burns Police Department 1924

Senior Trooper William Hakim - Oregon State Police 2008

Powderman Charles Hall - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1924

Trooper William M. Hall - Oregon State Police 1967

Officer George J. Hanlon - Oregon City Police Department 1906

Deputy Sheriff O. John Hart - Umatilla Co. Sheriff’s Office 1865

Deputy Sheriff David D. Hefner - Lane Co. Sheriff’s Office 1957

Trooper Amos L. Helms - Oregon State Police 1931

Posse Member O. D. Henderson - Clackamas Co. Sheriff’s Office 1906

Officer Roderick Henry - Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement 1988

Correctional Officer Buddy Ray Herron - Oregon Department of Corrections 2011

Officer James A. Hines - Portland Police Bureau 1945

Officer Jason A. Hoerauf - Albany Police Department 2001

Superintendent Holly V. Holcomb - Oregon State Police 1975

Correctional Officer James M. Holman - Oregon Department of Corrections 1925

Officer Gilbert H. Horton - Portland Police Bureau 1946

Game Warden Arthur S. Hubbard - Oregon Game Commission 1914

Officer Kirk R. Huffstetler - Portland Police Bureau 2002

Patrolman Hans J. Iverson - Silverton Police Department 1931

Constable Emery J. Jackson - Silverton Police Department 1952

Officer Jesse J. Jackson - Eugene Police Department 1934

Patrolman Thomas L. Jeffries - Portland Police Bureau 1997

Lt. Philip R. Johnson - Portland Police Bureau 1941

Correctional Officer Thurston Jones Sr. - Oregon Department of Corrections 1902

City Marshall Charles H. Keeler - The Dalles Police Department 1867

Sheriff Charles M. Kendall - Linn Co. Sheriff’s Office 1922

Trooper Frederick C. Kielhorn - Oregon State Police 1961

Officer Ronald G. Kilby - Hermiston Police Department 1959

Officer John Christopher Kilcullen - Eugene Police Department 2011

Cpl. Virgil D. Knight Jr. - Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office 1985

Officer Victor Knott - Ashland Police Department 1931

Marshal Joseph A. Krechter - St. Paul Police Department 1906

City Marshal John W. Lambert - Fort Klamath Police Department 1911

Deputy Sheriff James Lamers - Clatsop Co. Sheriff’s Office 1898

Special Deputy Sheriff Walter W. Leonhardt - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1931

Trooper William T. Levinson - Oregon State Police 1950

Deputy Samuel J. Lewis - Lake County Sheriff’s Office 1882

Officer Robert Libke - Oregon City Police Department 2013

Officer Glenn L. Litzenberg - Portland Police Bureau 1918

Officer Roger Lloyd - Independence Police Department 2010

Deputy Sheriff Robert Lockwood - Grant Co. Sheriff’s Office 1888

Deputy Sheriff Ernest C. Loll - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1935

Officer Philip B. Lowed - Oregon State Police 1952

Trooper Scott A. Lyons - Oregon State Police 1997

Officer John J. McCarthy - Portland Police Bureau 1916

Patrol Officer Aubrey E. McCurry - Myrtle Point Police Department 1988

Police Reserve Robert B. McMaster - Warrenton Police Department 1996

Senior Trooper Maria Mignano - Oregon State Police 2001

Superintendent Harry P. Minto - Oregon Department of Corrections 1915

Officer Roy E. Mizner - Portland Police Bureau 1956

Officer Albert W. Moe - Portland Police Bureau 1914

Patrol Matron Alice M. Moran - Josephine Co. Sheriff’s Office 1971

Deputy Sheriff Edward A. Morrow - Grant Co. Sheriff’s Office 1982

Officer Robert P. Murray - Portland Police Bureau 1962

Trooper Daniel A. Nelson - Oregon State Police 1972

Officer Richard F. O’Connor - Oregon State Police 1956

Deputy City Marshall Thomas G. O’Connor - Portland Police Bureau 1867

Deputy Sheriff Joseph Omlin III - Curry Co. Sheriff’s Office 1983

Officer Stephen M. Owens - Portland Police Bureau 1973

Chief Ralph Painter - Rainier Police Department 2011

Officer Jerome Palmer - Portland Police Bureau 1920

Officer Pelatt - Warm Springs Indian Reservation Police 1903

Officer Earl W. Perkins - Oregon State Traffic Division 1922

Correctional Officer Louis S. Perrine - Oregon Department of Corrections 1994

Marshal Dale A. Perry - St. Helens Police Department 1924

Special Agent J. H. “Buck” Phillips - Union Pacific Railroad Police Dept. 1921

Deputy Sheriff Robert Phillips - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1917

Officer Stanley D. Pounds - Portland Police Bureau 1984

Constable George J. Prescott - Medford Police Department 1933

Officer Samuel Prescott - Ashland Police Department 1931

Special Agent Glenn H. Price - U. S. Department of the Treasury I. R. S. - Prohibition Unit 1922

Private Elmer R. Pyle - Oregon State Police 1938

Sgt. James D. Rector - Oregon State Police 1997

Marine Deputy Thomas E. Rice - Josephine Co. Sheriff’s Office 2002

Reserve Deputy Sheriff Robert Riley - Lane Co. Sheriff’s Office 1958

Trooper Delmond E. Rondeau - Oregon State Police 1947

Deputy Sheriff David R. Sanchez - Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office 1979

Officer Charles C. Sanders - Oregon State Police 1957

Deputy Game Warden Joseph Saunders - Oregon Game Commission 1930

Special Deputy Sheriff John G. Saxton - Harney Co. Sheriff’s Office 1903

Correctional Officer Alvin M. Schmitt - Oregon Department of Corrections 1969

Officer Charles F. Schoppe - Portland Police Bureau 1874

Sgt. Richard J. Schuening - Oregon State Police 1997

Sheriff John R. Shaver - Clackamas Co. Sheriff’s Office 1906

Sgt. James D. Shepherd - Oregon State Police 1980

Deputy Sheriff Jimmy L. Shoop - Clackamas Co. Sheriff’s Office 1981

Reserve Officer Russell H. Simpson - Bandon Police Department 2003

Sheriff August D. Singler - Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Office 1913

Officer Walter Slusarczyk - Gresham Police Department 1999

Deputy Sheriff Carlton E. Smith - Lane Co. Sheriff’s Office 1965

Trooper Donald E. Smith - Oregon State Police 1983

Deputy Sheriff Douglas E. Smith - Sherman Co. Sheriff’s Department 1978

Special Agent Eldon L. Smith - Union Pacific Railroad Police Dept. 1932

Trooper Leroy H. Spickerman - Oregon State Police 1948

Detective Sgt. Ralph H. Stahl - Portland Police Bureau 1915

Marshal Mounts Story - Sweet Home Police Department 1920

Officer Vernon J. Stroeder - Portland Police Bureau 1956

Patrolman Gary L. Sumpter - Toledo Police Department 1969

Sgt. Richard C. Swan, Sr. - Klamath Falls Police Department 1988

Correctional Officer John L. Sweeney - Oregon Department of Corrections 1925

Deputy Sheriff Robert L. Talburt - Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office 1984

Deputy Sheriff Morris L. Taylor - Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office 2002

Sheriff Tillman D. Taylor - Umatilla Co. Sheriff’s Office 1920

Captain Tom Tennant - Woodburn Police Department 2008

Deputy Sheriff Patrick A. Tennies - Curry Co. Sheriff’s Office 1981

Special Deputy Sheriff Ronald H. Terwilliger - Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office 1985

Correctional Officer Bailey T. Tiffany - Oregon Department of Corrections 1902

Special Agent Grover C. Todd - U. S. Department of the Treasury I.R.S. – Prohibition Unit 1922

Private Willard A. Tubbs - Oregon State Police 1939

Deputy Sheriff Frank W. Twombley - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1918

Officer Curtis A. Van Derson - Creswell Police Department 1971

Officer Charles E. Vincent - Portland Police Bureau 1942

Officer Colleen A. Waibel - Portland Police Bureau 1998

Officer Harrison M. Wallace - Newberg Police Department 1922

Sgt. Lisa G. Wampole - Coos Co. Sheriff’s Office 1999

Officer Frank L. Ward - John Day Police Department 1992

Sgt. Ira A. Warren - Oregon State Police 1938

Trooper Donald T. Welp - Oregon State Police 1967

Special Deputy Sheriff Jack West - Harney Co. Sheriff’s Office 1903

Chief of Police Woodrow W. Whetstone - Junction City Police Department 1960

Officer Charles M. White - Portland Police Bureau 1934

Officer James R. White - Portland Police Bureau 1914

Reserve Deputy Sheriff Mark A. Whitehead - Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office 1993

Deputy Sheriff Charles R. Wicks - Lane Co. Sheriff’s Office 1937

Sheriff Jack W. Williams - Clatsop Co. Sheriff’s Office 1898

Deputy Sheriff Raymond Williams - Union Co. Sheriff’s Office 1980

Sheriff William W. Withers - Lane Co. Sheriff’s Office 1903

Sgt. James H. Worell - Milwaukie Police Department 1953

Officer James D. Wright - Portland Police Bureau 1923

Officer Samuel S. Young - Portland Police Bureau 1908

Marshal John Zoller - Gervais Police Department 1913