Hillsboro Woman and Children Found up Burnt Mountain

Coos County Sheriff's Office

On February 4th, 2024, around 2:26 pm, Alice Schwarz of Hillsboro called 911 to report that her vehicle had become stuck and disabled somewhere off Burnt Mountain Road outside Coquille. Alice had (3) minor children with her and had to walk about a mile in the cold and rain to get cell phone service before calling for help. Sergeant J. Boswell and Deputies A. Churchill and J. Lee responded to try to locate them.

Sergeant Boswell and Deputy Churchill located Alice and the children. They were cold and wet, but otherwise in good spirits. Alice had them all well prepared with appropriate supplies. Deputy Lee stood by with Alice and the children while Sergeant Boswell and Deputy Churchill located her vehicle.

Sergeant Boswell and Deputy Churchill located the vehicle and found that a log was stuck under it, which caused it to be high-centered. Once the log was removed, Alice was able to load the children up and drive out on her own.

Alice stated that they were visiting the area to go “Geocaching” and had turned down an unpaved road in poor condition due to the recent weather.

This is an excellent ending to a story where Alice was well-prepared and had a plan for if/when things went wrong while exploring the beautiful Coos County wilderness.

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