DCSO Deputy Acts Quickly to Save a Life

Deschutes Co. Sheriff's Office - 12/28/18 

On December 26, 2018, at about 2:00 pm, a deputy with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office was at a residence in the La Pine area addressing county ordinance violations with the homeowner.  During the contact, a female subject inside the home came out of a bedroom and reported another female on scene was “down” and not breathing.  The reporting female suspected an opioid overdose and had already administered a dose of Narcan to the unresponsive female, but it had no apparent effect. 

The deputy immediately summoned emergency medical assistance and went to the bedroom where a 57-year-old unresponsive female was located.  The deputy began assessing the female’s condition and based on her observations also suspected an opioid overdose.  The deputy obtained a second dose of Narcan from her patrol vehicle and administered it to the unresponsive female.  This dose had an immediate effect and the female began breathing again.  Without this second dose of Narcan being with the deputy, it would have been ten minutes before the first emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene.

Each of our patrol units carry Narcan with them for situations like these.  Narcan has been available in the jail since 2015 and it was added to our patrol fleet in early 2016.  DCSO deputies have administered Narcan 40 times during suspected opioid overdoses since 2015, both in the field and inside the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Adult Jail.

Sheriff L. Shane Nelson said, “Addiction affects the lives of everyone and more so families who suffer a tragic loss from an overdose death. Our office deployed Narcan as a life-saving tool nearly five years ago and we have used it 27 times this year alone.  In this national opioid crisis, my hope is that those who are saved after an overdose will take this second chance to change their life.” 

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