Sheriff's Office responds to injury hit and run; suspect arrested for Assault I and Hit and Run Injury

Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office - 12/30/18

At approximately 2:35 p.m. on Sunday December 30, 2018, Clackamas County deputies responded to an injury hit and run crash in the 711 parking lot near the intersection of SE 82nd Ave. and SE Otty St., Happy Valley OR.

While deputies were responding, they were informed that a citizen had followed the suspect vehicle into the Babies R Us parking lot (9650 SE 82nd Ave).  Several deputies responded to the 9650 SE 82nd Ave. location where they were able to detain

Leslie Meyer, 65 year old male from Milwaukie.
Deputies who responded to 711 (9800 SE 82nd Ave.) found Jason Shwartz, 38 year old male from Portland, with serious injuries.  Mr. Schwartz was treated on the scene and then transported to a local hospital.  The extent of Mr. Schwartz’s injuries are not known as of the time of this release.

Clackamas County CSI, CRAFT (Criminal Reconstruction and Forensic Technicians), and detectives responded and are conducting an investigation.  Investigators were able to determine that Mr. Meyer struck Mr. Shwartz multiple times with his vehicle and then fled the scene.

Mr. Meyer was arrested and booked into the Clackamas County Jail on charges of Assault I, Hit and Run Injury, and a valid warrant for Hit and Run Property.  Mr. Meyer is being held on $265,000 bail.

Meyer booking photo