UPDATE 2: Victims Identified Multiple homicides; Homicide suspect dead (OIS); Investigation continues; Road closure

Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office - 01/20/19 

UPDATE 2: The homicide victims in the quadruple murder have been identified as the following:

Olivia Lynn Rose Gago - 9 months old - Woodburn

Shaina E. Sweitzer - 31 years old - Woodburn

Jerry William Bremer - 66 years old - Woodburn

Pamela Denise Bremer - 64 years old - Woodburn

The suspect is identified as:

Mark Leo Gregory Gago - 42 years old - Woodburn (August 2018 CCSO booking photo is attached)

Suspect Gago booking photo

On Saturday January 19, 2019, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a multiple homicide domestic violence call in the 32000 block of S. Barlow Rd.  Upon arrival, deputies were involved in a deadly force situation in which the homicide suspect was killed.

Investigators have determined that there are 4 homicide victims and 2 survivors. The investigation is continuing.

TRAFFIC ALERT: S. Barlow Rd. will remain closed between HWY 211 and S. Schneider Rd. for an undetermined amount of time, believed to be at least the next 12-24 hours.