Illegal Marijuana Enforcement Team (IMET) and Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement Team (MADGE) Seized Over 6,000 Marijuana Plants in White City Raid

Medford Police Dept

On March 27th, 2019, after a 2 month long investigation into black market marijuana sales, IMET and MADGE executed a search warrant at a warehouse in the 1300 block of Antelope Road.

Investigators discovered a large scale indoor marijuana grow, which was not licensed or legal.

Fourteen people were detained on site.

The investigation revealed the illegal operation was being financed and managed by Saleh Shalomi from Beverly Hills, California. Shalomi was on site during the search warrant and arrested without incident.

Investigators removed and destroyed just over 6,000 marijuana plants, weighing 2.75 tons. The approximate street value is $7,800,000, which would be after the marijuana was fully processed.

Shalomi was lodged for Unlawful Possession, Delivery and Manufacture of Marijuana, as well as Money Laundering. Total bail was $75,000. The other subjects were identified and released.

In addition to the illegal operation, Jackson County Code Enforcement and Fire District 3 noted several code and safety violations.

Shalomi, Saleh Nasrollahi
56 years old

Address: 1800 block of Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
IMET is a multi-agency task force funded by a grant from the Criminal Justice Commission, with the goal of dismantling and disrupting the black market marijuana trade. The task force is comprised of members from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Medford Police Department and the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office.