Roseburg Man arrested for robbery

Roseburg Police Dept.

On Thursday morning, May 30th, 2019 around 0530 hours, Roseburg Police Officers responded to a reported robbery at the Dutch Brothers coffee stand located at 1731 NE Stephens in Roseburg.

32 year old Aaron Schwab of Roseburg was identified as the suspect.  Officers later learned that Scwab allegedly entered the Dutch Brothers employee hut and took a cell phone from an employee.  Schwab then attempted to assault the male employee.  Schwab then exited the stand, jumped on the hood of a customer's truck, and tried to pull the vehicle owner out.  The vehicle owner fought back, defending himself.  Schwab assaulted the vehicle owner and then fled on foot.  As Officers arrived, Schwab remained uncooperative, and refused commands to be taken into custody.  Schwab was Tased by Officers, but he was able to remove the Taser probes and showed that he was going to fight with Officers.  At that time K9 Nike was released and he made a biting capture of Schwab on his upper torso.  Schwab tried fighting with K9 Nike, but after Nike refused to let go, Schwab became more compliant and was arrested, but was still trying to fight with Officers. 

Schwab was transported to Mercy and treated for minor injury from the K9 capture.  Schwab was also treated for a high level of intoxication, and was therefore cited and released at Mercy on his charges of Robbery III, Burglary II, Theft II, Assault IV, Disorderly Conduct II, Resisting Arrest, Harassment, and Unlawful Entry Into a Motor Vehicle.  The victims of the assaults received superficial, minor injuries.