Sex Offender Notification

Marion Co. Sheriff's Office

Marion County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the following information pursuant to ORS 163A.215, which authorizes Community Corrections to inform the public when the release of information will enhance public safety and protection.

The individual who appears on this notification has been convicted of a sex offense that requires registration with the Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, this person’s criminal history places them in a classification level which reflects the potential to re-offend. This notification is not intended to increase fear; rather, it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.

NAME: Timothy Wayne Ricketts Jr.
SID#: 16027131
DOB: 5/21/1984
RACE: Caucasian                   SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5’7”                           WEIGHT: 175 lbs
HAIR: Brown                           EYES: Blue

RESIDENCE: 2252 Hyde St. SE
Salem, OR 97301

Timothy Wayne Ricketts Jr. is on Post Prison Supervision for the crimes of: SEX ABUSE II and BURGLARY I

This person was granted supervision on: 9/5/17

Supervision expiration date is: 12/1/2020

Special restrictions include:
[X] No intimate relationships without prior PO permission
[X] No alcohol
[X] No minors
[X] No places where minors congregate
[X] Sex offender treatment and polygraphs

Other: Mr. Ricketts victim pool includes adult females known to him.