Request for Information on Homicide Witness 2019-28141

Grants Pass Dept. of Public Safety

The attached photo was taken from video surveillance of the Fred Meyer parking lot on Thursday, June 13th, 2019.  On that date at approximately 12:15 PM, Rolando Rivas Jr. was involved in a fight with another male identified as Andre Revey.  The fight between Rivas and Revey took place inside the backseat of a white, 1993 Lincoln Town Car in the southwest corner of the Fred Meyer Parking lot. It is believed Rivas stabbed Revey several times during the fight, which resulted in Revey's death.  The Grants Pass Police are requesting any help in identifying witnesses to the homicide.  The driver of this van depicted in this photograph was in close proximity to the Lincoln Town Car when the homicide occurred.  The driver/witness is believed to be male and was accompanied by two other individuals who had been shopping at Fred Meyer.