Douglas Co. Sheriff's Office

UPDATE 07/27/2019 13:50

In conjunction with Milepost 97 Fire managers, the Sheriff's Office is issuing Level 2 "GET SET" evacuation notices for all residences on the west side of the freeway between Interstate mileposts 88-83. This includes: 
  • Barton Road
  • Azalea-Glen Road
  • Old Booth Lane
  • Harrel Lane
  • Hobbs Lane
  • Fortune Branch Road on the Azalea-Glen side
  • Forrest Road
  • Realty Road
  • Quines Creek Road
  • Mobley Drive
Additionally, all residences off of Upper Cow Creek Road starting at Interstate 5 milepost 88, east to the base of Galesville Dam are being elevated to a Level 2. 
Level 2 or "Get Set" means:
• This level indicates significant danger to your area and are encouraged to leave. If you decide to stay, be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice
  • This may be the only notice you receive if conditions worsen
  • Supply your "go kit" with all the essentials to last 2 weeks
  • Stay connected with emergency information and evacuation routes
  • Begin evacuating large animals. 
A Level 1 " Be Ready" notice is also being issued for all residents living on
  • Windy Creek Road at and above Woods Creek Road. 
  • Barton Road south to Glendale Junction Road. 
Level 1 "Ready" means:
  • Be ready for the potential to evacuate
  • Have a "go kit" ready
  • Have an evacuation plan for your family and pets
  • Be Firewise and create a defensible space around your home
Residents are encouraged to monitor the situation through official outlets.