Shots Fired during dispute north of La Pine

Deschutes Co. Sheriff's Office
On May 28, 2020 at approximately 9:03 p.m., Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a dispute involving multiple shots being fired in the Jacinto Rd/ Solar Rd area just south of Spring River Rd.  Residents in the area called Deschutes County 911 dispatch to report hearing gunshots proceeded by a loud verbal dispute between a male and female.

Sheriff’s Office Deputies along with Bend Police Department, and Oregon State Police Troopers arrived in the area soon afterwards including on-duty swat personnel. Armored vehicles from the Sheriff’s Office and Bend Police Department responded due to the serious nature of the call and concerns that someone may have been injured by the approximately 10 shots that were reported to have been fired during the dispute.

After officers arrived on scene, Deschutes County 911 dispatch continued to receive reports of a physical and verbal dispute occurring near the shots fired location. Law Enforcement on scene established a containment perimeter near the location to protect nearby residents.

Jonathan Floyd Taft was located in the driveway of 17325 Jacinto Rd which was determined to be the location of the initial dispute. Taft was challenging with deputies and refused to follow officer’s instructions.

Deputies attempted to negotiate with Taft who continued to display combative and threatening behavior towards Law Enforcement. It was determined Taft was the suspect in the initial dispute where he attempted to assault a male and menaced a female on scene.

Concerns that Taft may be have been armed and was threatening to assault Law Enforcement, Sheriff’s Office Patrol K-9 Ezel was deployed in order to get Taft into custody. Taft resisted arrest, and in doing so punched K-9 Ezel multiple times. K-9 Ezel overpowered Taft who was then taken into custody.

It was determined the initial dispute began as a disagreement when Taft trespassed in order to retrieve his property. During the dispute Taft attempted to assault a female and male on scene. This resulted in the female victim using her firearm for her own protection. This female fired several warning shots to prevent the assault. A nearby neighbor heard the dispute and gunshots and perceived a threat to him and his family’s safety. Believing the assault had moved to his property, the neighbor also fired several warning shots in the air. No injuries were sustained from the warning shots being fired.

Taft was evaluated on scene by La Pine Fire Department medics. He was later transported to St. Charles Hospital in Bend for further evaluation due to minor injuries sustained from K-9 Ezel before Taft was lodged at the Deschutes County Jail for the above charges.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is a full service agency that oversees the adult jail, provides patrol, criminal investigations, civil process and search and rescue operations. Special units include SWAT, Street Crimes, Marine Patrol, ATV Patrol, Forest Patrol, along with six K9 teams. Founded in 1916 and today led by your duly elected Sheriff L. Shane Nelson, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office serves the nearly 190,000 residents in Deschutes County. The agency has 230 authorized and funded personnel, which includes 187 sworn employees who provide services to the 3,055 square miles of Deschutes County.
Location:    17300 block of Jacinto Rd

Arrested:     Jonathan Floyd Taft (39 years old)
                        LaPine resident

Charges:     Criminal Trespass II
                       Disorderly Conduct II
                       Resisting arrest
                       Assault on Law Enforcement Animal
                       Attempted Assault IV




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