A Message from Broadcastify

Our data center provider where a lot of our master and relay servers are hosted is experiencing connectivity problems - which is causing close to a systemwide outage on Broadcastify right now.

I'm going to see how long it takes for recovery before putting plans in action to fail over to other provides. Stay tuned for updates here.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the problems.

UPDATE 6:16 PM CT: We are in the dark right now with IBM (Softlayer) - their status pages are also down. We are beginning to unpack our contingency guidebook to fail over the complete audio system to another provider. ;) We'll wait for now to determine if we get a status before embarking upon that journey.

UPDATE 6:06 PM CT: This is a major outage at the data center affecting multiple customers. We have trouble tickets opened with Softlayer and are awaiting a response. Currently all feeds are down since all connectivity to the Dallas softlayer data center has been lost. Still no ETA.

UPDATE 5:40 PM CT: I have no ETA at this time - we are investigating the cause. It is a networking issue affecting multiple softlayer customers in their Dallas data center.