Star Mountain Fire and Archie Creek Fire

Douglas Forest Protective Association

The Star Mountain Fire and Archie Creek Fire have merged together as was expected to happen. Going forward, this incident will be known as the Archie Creek Fire. This morning, representatives from DFPA, the Umpqua National Forest and Roseburg BLM met with the incoming Incident Management Team to give them a briefing on the incident.

Northwest Interagency Incident Management Team 9 will assume command of the fire this evening. The Public Information Officers with Team 9 will be setting up a Facebook Page, InciWeb page, and an information phone line dedicated to this incident. Once these platforms are created, we will make sure to share that information.

Yesterday’s fire activity was explosive to say the least. As you will see from the map with this post, the fire is estimated to have burned 72,000 acres in roughly the first 12 hours after ignition. This map was created late last night from observations from the field rather than from IR flight data so the acreage total could be slightly higher or lower. The plan is to get a IR flight in the near future to get a more precise fire perimeter / fire size. We’ve also had many people call and ask about homes in the area. At this time, we do not have information about specific homes but we have been told by the structural protection resources that structures have been lost on this fire and fire officials are working to collect that data.

Unfortunately, DFPA’s Rock Creek Guard Station was one of the structures that was lost. As for evacuations, fire personnel are working with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to determine when / where evacuation notices are issued or removed. Those notices are posted on DCSO’s facebook page and website. Please follow the advice of fire / law personnel if you are asked to evacuate. If you choose to stay after you have been asked to leave, please understand that fire personnel MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PROTECT YOU OR YOUR HOME.
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