Douglas Co. Government

Special Note to the Citizens of Douglas County

From the County Clerk, County Assessor, County Surveyor and County Treasurer



            As with many elected officials in Douglas County, our elected offices are non-partisan, meaning we are not affiliated with, nor do we hold any bias toward any political party.  We are here to represent and work for all citizens of Douglas County.


             As your elected County Clerk, County Assessor, County Surveyor and County Treasurer, we feel it is important to protect the integrity of our elected positions, provide services equally and fairly to all residents, and maintain a non-political environment in our offices.  In keeping with our convictions, we also feel it is important to state, that as a matter of principle, that we will not be coerced or threatened into signing the declaration released by the local group calling themselves, Citizens Against Tyranny.  


  1. I'll sign it, voluntarily and coerced. The Commissioners may support the tyranny out of fear empress kate will cut some funds, but I stand for what's right, I dont kneel out of fear mommy will cut off funding.
    As a Douglas County elect, I implore the County Government stand up for the Pursuit of Happiness and the rights of a people to choose for themselves what is safe and who they want to support.
    I notice they have no problem with people losing livelihoods while they keep their government checks and have no fear of losing their personal businesses.

    1. Never heard of you, do you think you are someone of importance? What a joke, you are fooling yourself.


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