EPD Investigates White Van in Social Media Posts About Screaming Females

Eugene Police Departmen


Eugene Police responded to a call on January 25 regarding a white van with blanked-out back windows and someone heard screaming. This was at E. Broadway and Patterson. Officers stopped a van in the area, and found that it was a work van with no one else inside except the driver, and no other vans were observed in the area that matched the description. 


A video of the van was posted by a public member on social media, including Tik Tok and Twitter. Since then, 911 has been receiving calls about the social media posts. EPD has been following up with search for surveillance, other evidence, and checking calls and sightings of white vans. The van has been located and is no longer of interest. There is no evidence a crime was committed and no reported missing persons associated with this case


EPD is thankful to the person who posted the video for sharing it with investigating officers. It is always good to report any suspicious incidents rather than let them go unreported and uninvestigated. 


Case 2101401