Lane Co. Sheriff's Office

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is mourning the loss of Deputy Courtney Couch (Anderson). On Sunday July 25th, Deputy Couch, a deputy with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, was recreating with her family on Foster Reservoir when she accidentally drowned.

She was paddle boarding and attempting to help a young child when she fell in the water and did not resurface. Bystanders found her and brought her to the surface and into the hands of Linn County Sheriff’s deputies and paramedics. Life-saving procedures were quickly given, but tragically she did not survive.

Courtney was a veteran of the United States Army and had been a deputy with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office for seven years. She served in a multitude of assignments including Corrections Security, Court Transport and Patrol. Despite her professional successes, Courtney’s number one priority was raising her young son. Courtney has many friends and family that are devastated by her loss.

Courtney was a very loved member of the Sheriff’s Office family. Her sudden and tragic death has knocked the wind out of us. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with Courtney and her family following this heartbreaking tragedy.